SRE Writer's Corner

"Speedy service with better than expected results!"
"an outstanding professional and fully devotes her time and artistic excellence to any project she's involved with."
"they truly care about the project and put their heart into the revisions. On top of all that, they're good, honest people"
"a great ear for dialogue when a script needs work."
"professional, determined and disciplined...she brings a wonderful enthusiasm and passion to her work, and she's creative and soulful. In my eyes, she has no limits."
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Stop staring.

We know the Blank Page is frightening.
   But it's also exhilarating!
It's your chance to create something
   the world's NEVER before seen.

So stop staring; don't wait until
   you find the perfect words.
Just dive right in and write.
Let the words guide you,
and you'll discover the miracle
   unfolding before your eyes.

- Micah Haughey

It's all quiet. Listen.. Can you hear that?
   A distant song from the distant shore..
   It's that wish you made when you were a child.

Now is the time to make those dreams a reality.
   Now is the time to leap. To soar. To explore.

Embrace the power of the written word.
   Bring your adventures to life!
   Now is the time to write your own endings.

- Julia Ling

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Routine is the death of imagination.

   Challenge me!
      Push me!
         Attack me!

Then you will know me.
Thoughts are things, and things demand thought.

- Rick Swift