SRE Writer's Corner

Julia Ling

Julia has expressed a love for storytelling since the first grade, when she finished her first novel, "The Secret Garden."  When her second grade teacher encouraged her to pursue a career in writing, she went on to read almost every book in her local library. At age six, Julia narrated the story of the "Lion and the Mouse" to an audience, which garnered public attention, and she was featured on the front page of Pasadena Times for her narration.

For the years to come, Julia intensively studied grammar and writing. With a perfect score on her SAT English writing exam, Julia started teaching English. She volunteered as an editor at UCLA where she helped students with their papers. In Hollywood, she studied from established experts like Aaron Sorkin and Steven Spielberg’s script consultant. Professionally, Julia has worked as a copywriter, editor, technical writer, but her focus is in screenwriting and story analysis.


“Julia’s notes went above and beyond the call of duty. From small details to overall thematic concerns, she pushed the script into new and better places. Rarely does a reader put so much care and effort into her analysis. It is much appreciated and I look forward to working with her again.” - Russell Brown, Filmmaker
“When I first met Julia she immediately impressed me with her genuine enthusiasm and curiosity. As I began to know her better I learned more about her amazing range of personal and professional experiences. Her most remarkable traits are her diligence and determination. She is always receptive to constructive criticism, going above and beyond expectations in improving her work based on feedback. Julia is an exceptionally driven individual, with an amazing work ethic.” - Leigh Michil, UCLA Instructor & Script Supervisor
“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Julia on a number of commercials and short films over the past year.  In the more than ten years I’ve worked in Los Angeles, I can honestly say Julia is one of the most professional people I’ve worked with.  Her extensive experience on set is obvious; she has a great ear for dialogue when a script needs work.  As a producer, Julia identifies potential issues before they become issues.  It’s the greatest asset any producer can have.  Her sincerity and upbeat nature are great bonuses any production would be fortunate to have.” - Malik Aziz, Filmmaker
“I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with Julia Ling as both an actress and producer on several occasions over the years. She is an outstanding professional and fully devotes her time and artistic excellence to any project she’s involved with. Her creativity, resourcefulness, organizational and leadership skills are a direct reflection of her unwavering devotion to her craft and
exemplifies strong moral fiber, character and work ethic. Not only is Julia’s extraordinary ability to deal with situations calmly and
effectively outstanding, but her positivity, sense of humor and radiant smile always brightened up the set making working
with her a true joy for all. Julia is a rare treasure... she would be a tremendous asset to any production.” - Keith Bowden,
CEO at Castleland Productions
“I have worked with Julia from Silver Rose Entertainment several times and each time her assistance has gone beyond my expectations. She is such a fantastic, enthusiastic, and joyful person that I cannot help but be amazed by her every time. Each project, paper, and script she has helped me with really shows how much time and effort was committed ... anyone gets the chance to meet and work with such an amazing person ... will most definitely not be let down.” - Justin Wu, Linguistics & Psychology Scholar