SRE Writer's Corner

"Speedy service with better than expected results!"
"an outstanding professional and fully devotes her time and artistic excellence to any project she's involved with."
"they truly care about the project and put their heart into the revisions. On top of all that, they're good, honest people"
"a great ear for dialogue when a script needs work."
"professional, determined and disciplined...she brings a wonderful enthusiasm and passion to her work, and she's creative and soulful. In my eyes, she has no limits."

Our Pledge to You

We believe that every word deserves the chance to shine.
Our combined experience and training gives us the expertise in just about every major field and style of writing. From academic papers, to copy, to script doctoring and feature films, we have the tools and the team to do it all.
But more importantly, we love writing! We understand the power of written language, and the importance of every single word.
It's not just what you say; it's how you say it. We'll make sure you say it perfectly.
Here at SRE Writer's Corner, we strive for excellence.
We can create from scratch, improve existing work, or just guide you in the right direction.
Writing is more than putting words to paper - it's a process. Every project has several stages, and we're here to help your project excel, no matter what stage it's in.
Need to come up with a concept? We'll get you started. We can brainstorm with you, develop the concept for you, or give feedback on what you already have.
We can write original, creative copy. We can edit your words. Or, we can give you an insightful analysis. Whatever you need for your project to reach its maximum potential, we're on it!
We want to work with you because we believe in your project.
Our passion is developing great work. Our job is bringing out the best in your project, because together, we can create something extraordinary.